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Introducing EthereumFlash Transfer, a pioneering platform enabling the purchase, transfer, and sale of cryptocurrencies using cash through our extensive merchant network, all at competitive rates. Our non-custodial solution, EthereumFlash Wallet, incorporates a smart contract designed for seamless crypto transfer in case of an unfortunate event. Experience secure transactions on the blockchain using EthereumFlash Pay, our escrow smart contract, ensuring your crypto stays in your control without reliance on third-party custody. Discover optimal transaction fees through EthereumFlash Dex, our aggregator for swaps and bridges!”


EthereumFlash 3.1

Ethereum Flash 3.1 represents a revolutionary cross-chain token designed to function as a medium of exchange within the EthereumFlash Technologies ecosystem. This ecosystem encompasses various essential services like, EthereumFlash Wallet, and more. The core objective of EthereumFlash 3.1 is to shield regular users from exorbitant transaction fees, offering a cost-effective alternative for trading.
With EthereumFlash 3.1, holders gain the advantage of trading at reduced costs, making it an attractive option for those seeking efficient and affordable transactions. The token’s versatility is noteworthy, as it can be acquired on different blockchains while utilizing the same address. Moreover, transferring EthereumFlash 3.1 from one wallet to another is seamless and hassle-free, as it comes without any transfer fees.
In conclusion, Ethereum Flash 3.1 emerges as a game-changing cross-chain token, bringing accessibility, cost-effectiveness, and convenience to the EthereumFlash Technologies ecosystem, further enhancing the overall user experience.
One of the primary goals of EthereumFlash 3.1 is to provide holders with the ability to trade at a lower cost. EthereumFlash 3.1 can be purchased on different blockchains with the same address.
It can also be transferred from one wallet to another without transfer fees.

Ecosystem 3.1

Discover all our services.

Ethereum Flash Transfer

Exchange your cash for cryptocurrencies or vice versa. Purchase cryptocurrencies directly through our approved partners. You can also send your cryptocurrencies to anyone worldwide, and they can withdraw it in fiat using non-custodial wallets like Ethereum Flash, Metamask, Trust Wallet, and more. Visit for more details.

Ethereum Flash Dex

Ethereum Flash Dex dapps serve as an all-in-one swap and bridge, enabling users to exchange their crypto assets within the same blockchain or across different blockchains. Enjoy the best possible direct market fees while conducting seamless swaps. Discover more at

Ethereum Flash Wallet

Ethereum Flash Technologies has crafted a fully integrated cryptocurrency wallet, catering to both holders and merchants. This versatile wallet allows users to buy, sell, stake, earn rewards, and even browse the internet. Moreover, it possesses a unique and crucial feature, setting it apart from other wallets in the cryptocurrency space. Experience this exceptional service globally at

Ethereum Flash Staking

Customers and merchants can participate in the staking protocol, earning rewards for their involvement. Each month, stakers receive a percentage of the staking pool. Explore this opportunity at

Ethereum Flash Pay

EthereumFlashPay facilitates the quick creation of escrow agreements by buyers or sellers. Upon confirmation of goods or services receipt, funds are instantly transferred to the seller through the smart contract. In case of disputes, EthereumFlash Pay resolves them based on received evidence. EthereumFlash Pay does not hold funds at any point; everything is decentralized via the smart contract. Learn more at

Ethereum Flash Audit

EthereumFlash Audit offers a comprehensive security audit service for smart contracts, including tokens, bridges, staking, and all types of dapps, across various networks. All partners and customers seeking to join the ecosystem must undergo this security audit to ensure the absence of malicious code. Get more details at

Ethereum Flash Launchpad

EthereumFlash Launchpad, known as EthereumFlash Pad, serves as the platform for upcoming IDOs (Initial DEX Offerings). It allows crypto projects to create their tokens on multiple networks such as BNB Chain, Polygon, Eth & Cronos, and raise funds through pre-sales or fair launches. Visit to explore the opportunities for crypto projects.

Ethereum Flash Pad

EthereumFlash Launchpad, known as EthereumFlash Pad, serves as the platform for upcoming IDOs (Initial DEX Offerings). It allows crypto projects to create their tokens on multiple networks such as BNB Chain, Polygon, Eth & Cronos, and raise funds through pre-sales or fair launches. Visit to explore the opportunities for crypto projects.

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EthereumFlash Recharge Card

EthereumFlash Recharge Card offers a seamless and convenient method for users to add funds to their accounts in $USDT on the Flash wallet, eliminating the need for intermediaries.

With EthereumFlash Recharge, users can effortlessly replenish their balances on the EthereumFlash Wallet.

The eco-conscious approach is evident in the printing of EthereumFlash Recharge cards, which takes place at the time of purchase, ensuring an environmentally responsible process.

Staking - Make Your Money Work for You.

Our staking service allows clients to put their $ETH3.1 tokens or our approved partner’s tokens into a staking pool for a specified duration, enabling them to earn lucrative rewards and bonuses.

Stake $ETH3.1 and Reap the Benefits.

By staking $ETH3.1, users become eligible for rewarding returns.

Flexible Staking Terms.

Users have the liberty to choose the staking terms that suit them best. Holding their stake for a longer period of time will lead to even higher bonus yields.

Earn $ETH3.1 and Partner Tokens.

Following every successful stake, users receive ETH3.1 tokens as a farming bonus, along with partner tokens, further enhancing the rewards for their participation.


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Staking $ETH3.1 - Unlocking Passive Rewards and Flexibility.

Invest in your Future

Investors now have the opportunity to earn lucrative passive rewards while securely holding their $ETH3.1 tokens through our staking mechanism. Our staking service offers a range of lock-in periods, each tailored to cater to various investment preferences and objectives. Let’s delve into the details of these lock-in periods and their corresponding Annual Percentage Yield (APY) rates:

Flexible Staking:

With this option, investors can stake their $ETH3.1 tokens without committing to a specific lock-in period. The competitive APY rate of 300% ensures attractive rewards while maintaining the flexibility to access tokens whenever needed.

15-Day Staking:

For those seeking relatively short-term commitments, the 15-day lock-in period boasts an attractive APY rate of 25%. By staking their ETH3.1 tokens for this duration, investors can earn substantial rewards within a shorter timeframe.

30-Day Staking:

Investors desiring a slightly longer staking period can opt for the 30-day lock-in option, offering an enticing APY rate of 50%. This period allows investors to maximize rewards while retaining a moderate level of flexibility.

60-Day Staking:

The 60-day lock-in period provides a higher APY rate of 100%, attracting investors willing to commit to a more extended staking timeframe. Locking $ETH3.1 tokens for 60 days allows investors to reap increased rewards over a significant duration.

90-Day Staking:

For those with a longer-term investment strategy, the 90-day lock-in period presents an impressive APY rate of 250%. Staking ETH3.1 tokens for this period results in substantial passive rewards, capitalizing on potential asset growth.

By offering diverse lock-in periods with competitive APY rates, $ETH3.1 staking empowers investors to choose options aligned with their investment goals and risk tolerance. Whether seeking flexibility or higher returns through longer commitments, our staking service provides a versatile avenue for investors to passively grow their holdings while participating in the Crypto Mines ecosystem. Embrace the opportunity and unlock the potential of your $ETH3.1 tokens!​

EthereumFlash Transfer offers seamless conversion between cash and cryptocurrencies, in both directions.


Cash to Crypto

Exchange your fiat cash for cryptocurrencies effortlessly. You can initiate this process directly with our approved partners, ensuring a secure and straightforward transaction.
EthereumFlash Transfer


Crypto to Cash

If you wish to convert your cryptocurrencies back to fiat cash, EthereumFlash Transfer enables this process as well. The receiver can withdraw the funds in fiat currency from anywhere in the world.


Buying Cryptocurrencies

Through our platform, you have the convenience of purchasing cryptocurrencies directly. You can engage in this process with the help of our approved partners, ensuring a hassle-free experience.


Sending Cryptocurrencies

You can also send your cryptocurrencies to others using EthereumFlash Transfer. The receiver has the option to withdraw the funds in fiat currency using a Binance account or any non-custodial wallet, such as Ethereum Flash wallet, Metamask, Trust wallet, and more.

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$ETH3.1 Coin refers to the collective projects under the EthereumFlash name.

You can acquire $ETH3.1 Coin directly through various methods such as cryptocurrencies, wire transfers, and using Revolut on

EthereumFlash Transfer is a newly launched project aimed at assisting individuals without bank accounts, enabling them to conduct quick transactions. Users can buy crypto with cash and send it directly to over 126 countries, completing the transaction within minutes. The platform allows for instant buying, exchanging, and sending of cryptocurrencies.

Buying EthereumFlash Coin offers several benefits, including its potential for growth through token sales and transactions on exchanges. The price of the coin may increase when individuals perform automatic Flash transfers.

The token will be listed on Uniswap with 40% liquidity of the total coins sold and 40% on two other popular exchanges.


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